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We're taking a new step forward in the Free Company with the addition of doing end game content. I'd like to think thus far we have been pretty successful in the things we have done together. I'd like to see us peg it up another notch however, and I think most will agree. If we are to continue on this path a few things need to be addressed beforehand to ensure quality runs and good memories. As always what the group decides will become the rules we guide ourselves by, I'm going to put out my suggestions and we can alter it from there or come up with a entirely new set. Whatever is picked will become out guidelines that we all follow and the final choices will be later edited into this post.

Things to address:
- Loot rules.
- Item level requirements.
- Weekday runs.
- Member Agreement.
- Awareness of fight mechanics.
- What first?

Loot rules:
Loot is plentiful already once you actually start running end game. Only minimal guidance is required for this I feel. However it is best to cover all bases so there is never a confusion or upset feelings.

Class / Job gear:
Each member will be able to select a main job, and as many secondary jobs as they would like. In the event where two or more members have the same main job when something drops that is usable by that class or job, each member will roll on it the winner of the gear will not be able to roll on the next gear that drops that is usable, instead any remaining members who share the same main job will roll on it and so on and forth until each member gets one part of gear. This keeps the distribution of gear even. With this in mind members will not be permitted to pass items in hopes to get a more desired class/job item.

It should be noted that with the new end game raid content that has come out it appears tokens replace most gear drops, I believe they are given equally to each member who has partaken in the run, however weapons still drop from chest as normal, this part requires verification.

Theo Mish and Dark all main BRD.
We kill a boss and some BRD gloves drop.
All three roll on it.
Theo wins BRD gloves.
We kill another boss BRD legs drop.
Mish and Dark roll on it.
Mish wins BRD legs.
We kill another boss, BRD feet drop.
Dark rolls alone and obtains BRD feet..
At this point, each member got an equal share of gear, so they are free to roll on the next item.
We kill another boss, BRD gloves drop again, Theo has already gotten them.
Mish and Dark roll, Theo is unable since he has gotten them already.
Mish wins BRD gloves..
We kill another boss, BRD feet drop, Dark already has them.
Theo rolls alone since Dark already has them.
We kill another boss, BRD hat drops.
Dark rolls alone.

Simple, everyone rolls Need if they Need the pony. I think it will be best to target one primal at a time and grind it until everyone has one and move on.

Upgrade materials:
Another type of item that will drop will be materials that can be used to upgrade current gear. Every member will lot Need on that item. When a member obtains a upgrade material they will not be able to lot until each member receives an upgrade material. One thing to consider is normally there is three types of upgrade material, accessories, body and weapon. Should this mean that if you get one for your accessories you will be unable to roll on a weapon upgrade material or body?

Monetary drops:
These drops would be something like Garuda's Feather and this is probably the most complected drop to deal with. As new content comes out that drops items like this the value at the start is normally very high. They will always be given to a random member upon the death of a boss-type monster. Some will say it belongs to that members. Some will say it belongs to the Free Company. As I debate this in my mind I am unable to think of a clear system that will work every time for this. I need group feedback on this.

Standard monster drops and gil:
These belong to the person whom obtains them.
Item level requirements:
This is something that requires some dire attention, when taking on new challenges it is very important to be geared up for many reason, some being..
- Higher HP/MP, translates into better survival.
- Higher damage, allows up to be able to clear things like Titan's heart.
If we ignore the fact that item level requirements are higher then what the Duty Finder requires to be able to successfully clear content then we run the risk of running into raiders fatigue.
New content will not have the echo meaning we need to be able to push damage high enough to clear mechanics akin to Titan's heart. Allowing people to attend with lower gear and no food will not be a wise idea in my honest opinion.
Think of this example, we encounter a DD race mechanic and we lack the damage to clear it, we keep eating expensive food, repairing gear but never get close. We find out one of the DD's is wearing white gear in most slots, and is most likely the cause of us being unable to clear the mechanic, people will tend to be upset with that person for using there time for something that we mathematically cannot do. This could cause people to feel anger towards that member. If we set an item level requirement that we all agree to, we cannot run into this issue.
This said, item level requirements will not be a fixed thing, as updates come out things will change, so we will need to change with them. Example, with echo buffs applied to fights, some people can lack a bit in gear and the echo will assist them.
Additionally, we will need to prohibit "boosting" if you do not know what boosting is, it is when you wear gear that is made for one job on another job to boost your item level higher. Due to the mismatched skills you are given you will be worse off if you were to wear something lower quality that your job can benefit from.
Members on a case by case situation may overrule this, as long as they are aware of whom is not geared and agree mutually.
It should be still stressed for people to gear up best they can, and to eat good food that aids them.

We only currently need to enforce item level requirements for new end game:


Bismark Extreme: Item level 170. (All blue Law gear including weapons, one ring upgraded to allow for another ring to be equipped. Law weapon.)
Ravana Extreme: Item level 175. (Some Law gear upgraded, including Law weapon.)
Alexander: Item level 180. (All Law gear upgraded, Ravana Extreme weapon.)
Weekday runs:
I'd like us to be more then weekend warriors, I've felt the itch to get busy killing stuff in the FC/LS. I'm aware a lot of us are in school or working. Time is tight during the weekdays for a lot of us, so we would need to have a 'sign up' type agreement for people to be logged on by a certain time, ready to go. We will also need some sort of message system if you are unable to attend to notify the people who did show up.
Member Agreement:
This is to avoid "raiders fatigue." You may of heard me say that from time to time without knowing what I mean that is. It's a broad term that mostly means that you become agitated, angry, worn out, frustrated, tired, cranky -at- other members, content you are raiding, yourself -due to- constant failure, repetition, members mannerism.

Example One:
"Group was unable to kill Titan's Heart, we tried fifteen times and just couldn't get it down."

Example Two:
"The Bard was late for our run again last night… kept us waiting another two hours.. Didn't bother even to tell us."

Example Three:
"I've done so much Shiva in the last week if I see her one more time Ill puke."

To avoid this, I feel we should come up to a Members Agreement that states various topics of raiders fatigue and how we will prevent and reduce it from happening. If you doubt this will happen, I'm sorry to tell you that you will sing another tune one day.

Awareness of fight mechanics:
I feel for older fights we should return to watching video guides of them. None of us knew anything about the Moogle Extreme fight, a win was achieved and I felt how excited people were with it, but I also felt the anxiety and frustration of just jumping in without knowing what was going on.

What first?
I think we will start using Strawpoll to choose what we do some nights, it is much easier then asking everyone what the heck they want to do.
We also need a feedback system where people can tell me what they want to do or how they are feeling about things.

Remember I'm not a leader, but I do take enjoyment of guiding people along, if you have any suggestions feel free to message me in Guildworks for now. Just keep in mind you will be unable to give anonymous feedback for now.
Many edits to follow.
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